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Past Live Future Infos
BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth - Teaser
The Beginning is the End
BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth | trailer
The Expedition For The Future
Visions du Futur des étudiants de l'école primaire Lambert Closse
Vision of the Future - Theo Van Brabant
Marie-Michèlle Dion Bouchard
Lost in Buenos Aires
Vision du futur de Stefan Bumbaru
Bienvenido al Fin del Mundo - Ushuaia
Visions of the Future by students of Interdec - Collège Lasalle
Departure for the Future
Captain Peter Schuster on the Hanseatic League
Hanse Explorer Bridge Interview
Day 01 - Puerto Williams
Serge Bouchard - L'histoire de l'exploration humaine
Cape Horn - The End of Exploration
Albatross & Dolphins
John Juster's Map Of The Human Being
Vishal Kassie's vision of the future
Bruno Rodi parle de la capsule
Captain Jens Interview - Whales
Planning the Zodiac Landing onto Bouvet
Vision du futur de Sindre Ulvik Peladeau
South Georgia - Post-Apocalypse
La vision du futur de Marielle Lalande
Wildlife of South Georgia, Crozet, and Marion Island
South Georgia - Hike Across the Island - Beyond Humanity
Sisyphus clip from BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth
Serge Bouchard sur la flêche du temps
South Georgia - Penguin Sunset - We Are The Aliens
Bruno Rodi Talks Travels With J
Visions of the Future - NOMAD Nation interviews
Sarto Interview 02 - Avoir des Enfants
Visions of the Future - Concordia University students
Aaron Halstead's Bouvet Briefing
La vision du futur de Nathalie Macé
Bruno Rodi - Chess Game with Jason
Last Broadcast Before Bouvet
Sarto Interview 01 - Le voyage
Making History - Summiting of the most remote land on Earth
Last 50 meters
Vision du futur de Romy Daniel Ben T
Crevasse sur l'île Bouvet.
Our Vela Incident
Life on board the Hanse Explorer
The Landscapes of Prince Edward Islands - Dream of Flying

A documentary series live from the farthest seas, a participatory vision of the future, a Discovery documentary; BOUVETØYA invites you to follow the crew of the Hanse Explorer as they journey from the end of the world (Cape Horn, South America) to the beginning of civilization (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa) to drop a time capsule with visions of the future at the summit of BØUVETOYA, the most remote island on the planet, and the last unexplored place on Earth.