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Past Live Future Infos
Voices of Freedom - 30min demo
NOMAD manifesto - Live Reel 2015
NOMAD Reel (music by Caribou)
BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth | trailer
NOMAD x OZ remix
The NOMADS of OZ - feature film teaser
The NOMADS of OZ - feature film
99 ¢ Dreams - short trailer
99¢ Dreams
The Eye of the Son - trailer
The Eye of the Son - Trailer

Experiential journalist, creative entrepreneur, and trans-media filmmaker, Jason Rodi‘s dreams have taken him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet. He is the founder of Moment Factory and has been working under the name NOMAD since 2008.