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Grand Prix Montreal
WIZEMEN presented at #MtlPitStopParty
Le Playground Supperclub | Cirque Éloize
Grand Prix weekend - Vendredi soir
Street Drummer

This year W Montreal and E=Mc2 events teamed up to showcase Canadian talents in fashion and music: the #MtlPitstopParty. Designers Nicolas Bilodeau and Jason Noel launched their first collection as WIZEMEN, dedicated to urban tuxedos. Many F1 savvies and locally known personalities flocked into W Montreal to experience what W Happenings are all about: provide an intimate and inspiring experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Also, NOMAD was Live from Cirque Éloyze who opened their doors for Playground, The Grand Prix after party produced by Circo de Bakuza.

We also cruise the streets of Montreal to take in the unique, albeit douchy Montreal Grand Prix vibe.