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Hyatt Montreal Artscapes
Montreal Artscape pour le 6
Hyatt - Le SIX - Painting - Teaser
Hyatt - le SIX - Music - Teaser
Hyatt - le SIX - Dance - Teaser
Hyatt - le SIX - Poetry - Teaser
Hyatt - le SIX - Architecture - Teaser
Hyatt - le SIX - Sculpture - Teaser
Peinture vivante pour le SIX
Instrumental Collage pour le SIX
Danse pour le Six
Poésie en mouvement pour le SIX
Réflection architecturale pour le SIX
Sculptures de Lumières pour le Six
Hyatt Montreal Cityscape - Été
Hyatt Montreal Cityscape - Automne
Hyatt Montreal Cityscape - Hiver
Hyatt Montreal Cityscape - Printemps

A collective tableau in movement for Hyatt Montreal’s Hywall, a very wide screen in the art bar of the hotel, le SIX.
There are 4 original 15 minute loops, one for each season. The perspective emulates that of the screen if it were a window looking out at the Montreal cityscape from the Hyatt art bar.
Bob communications curated 6 collective films from NOMADS to celebrate le 6, an “art bar” in the Hyatt Montreal. The content was made custom for the Hywall a particularly wide 32×9 screen located in the hotel lobby.