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Intersection @NOMADNation
Intersection Year 1 - Trailer
Intersection 3 - Martin Ouellette
Intersection 2 - Ramachandra Borcar
Intersection 1 - Johanne Ste-Marie
Intersection 1 - Denis McCready
INTERSECTION 1 - Stephane Cocke
Google Tech Talk - Jason Rodi
Intersection 3 - Adrian Wills - Touch the Sky

Intersection is a gathering of creative communities to showcase innovative work and provoke the exchange of ideas. Seasonal events examine the creative process behind some of the most groundbreaking work being produced in the creative and cultural sectors.

The NOMADS have been hosting the evenings at NOMAD Nation, and capturing the talks.
Intersection was co-founded in 2010 by Kerry Williams, New Media Lawyer at Creative Legal, Brian D’Oliveira, CEO, Creative Director at La Hacienda Creative, Jason Rodi of Nomad Industries, Sophie Lymburner, Founder and CEO at Blue Communications Inc. and Shevaughn Battle, Digital Marketing and Media Strategist.