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Kim Churchill is NOMAD
Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky | music video
Single Spark - Kim Churchill official music video
11:11pm 18 Février 2015 - Kim Churchill - Single Spark live at Club Soda
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 01 - 12 Melting Walls
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 02 - Wander the Tracks
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 03 - Spending my Soul
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 04 - Dying Sun #3
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 05 - It Will Be Morning Soon
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 06 - The Battle of Mr. Shibuya
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 08 - Loving Home
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 09
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 10 - Tides
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 11 - Smile As He Goes Home
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 14 - Bathed in Black
NOMAD Sessions - Kim Churchill - 15 (encore) - Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan)
Kim Churchill | Rage | Loft Session
Kim Churchill - UK Tour Teaser
Kim Churchill | Club Soda
NOMAD Sessions 25/5/13 Kim Churchill

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NOMAD Industries has been the content agency for Kim Churchill since 2013, producing films and events to expand his already rich universe. We most recently released Single Spark, his latest music video, following the MUVI nominated Window to the Sky.
Audience footage from Kim Churchill’s NOMAD Session on the 25th of May 2013. Kim recorded his second live album entitled Montreal Attic Recordings. NOMADS documented this unique event in our magical city, surrounded by some of Kim’s closest friends.
Audience footage from Kim Churchill @ NOMAD Nation
a NOMAD Industries film
Produced by Raphaël Ettore
Directed by Jason Rodi
Edited by Kelsey Smith and Jason Rodi
Kim Churchill – Montreal Attic Recordings: Vol. 2
1. Spending my Soul
2. Dying Sun #3
3. Wander the Tracks
4. It Will be Morning Soon
5. The Battle of Mr Shibuya
6. Early Days
7. Loving Home
8. Tides
9. Bathed in Black
Audio recorded on June 25th 2013 at Nomad Nation, Montreal, Qc, Canada by Greg “Monk” McClements
Recording equipment courtesy of Sennheiser Canada
Mixed and mastered by Peter Edwards
Artwork by Donna Gee
Photographs by Jason Rodi and Beth Ryles
C&P 2013 Kim Churchill
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
Filmed by:
Cam Willlis
Corinne Boucher
Guylaine Beaulieu
Hugo Poulin
Veronique Viala
Agi Feher
JF Major
Luke Currie
Evelyne Blain Adam
Drew Percival
Jeremy Collins
Kelsey Smith
Alexandrine De Lasalle Couture
Jess Perrin
Dave MacLeod
Jason Rodi
Production Manager: Jess Perrin
Copyright NOMAD Industries 2013