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Past Live Future Infos
.MOV @NOMAD Nation
Bam Bam by Sister Nancy .MOV
SamIam Montolla aka Shayla (Hot Sex - A Tribe Called Quest) .MOV
David Civil (U-Turn by Usher) .MOV
Hailey O'Neal (Tell Me What's On Your Mind by The Neville Brothers) .MOV
Another One Bites the Dust by Queen .MOV
Can You Hear Me Now by Brandy .MOV
Alison Barnes & Hailey O'Neal (Check Your Bucket by Eddie Bo) .MOV
Jason Rodi & Marley Lubin (UK Jamaican by Tricky) .MOV
Alison Barnes & Chris Godziuk (The Heat by Jungle) .MOV
.j.Jane&AliX (Vireo's Eye by Future Islands) .MOV
Marley Lubin (Lookin Ass by Nicki Minaj) .MOV
David Civil (Pa Grainin Plan La by Carribbean D'vast) .MOV
SamIam Montolla aka Shayla (Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara by Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans) .MOV
Emma "Lazy" Chiapello (Personally by P-Square) .MOV
Ngoné Gueye (Immune by Juana) .MOV
.MOV 360 featuring BJM - Ballet Jazz de Montréal
Closer Dancer @ Moment Factory 2003 DV