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Jean-Michel Blais - Sourdine - Making Of
Pierre Hurtubise, prof de musique à Madeleine de Verchères
Kent Nagano et l'OSM à l'Esplanade Sunlife du Parc Olympique
Mathieu Pontbriand à La Grosse Lanterne
Nashville series | Jessica Martindale
Drums & Hula at Burning Man
Alyssa DeCaro Monkey Chant at Burning Man
Pierre Kwenders @ Plaza St-Hubert
Philippe Brach sur la Plaza St-Hubert
Bernard Adamus à la St-Jean Baptiste du Parc Olympique
Closer To The Flame | Sunrise and Good People @ NOMAD Nation
The Seasons
John Jacob Magistery @ Stanstead House Concert
Nostos - Jean-Michel Blais
Bell Starr's Stanstead House Concert
Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky | music video
Dear Criminals | Broken Land | Our Shelter | NOMAD Session
Nashville series | Amanda McCoy
Single Spark - Kim Churchill official music video
Great Lake Swimmers House Concert in Ayer's Cliff
Hal Newman - Belle Starr 02
Magnitude6 | Lock the Door, Swallow the Key
Galaxie | Le Festif!
Groenland | Le Festif!
Dany Placard | Le Festif!
What Cheer? Brigade | Le Festif!
Antoine Corriveau | Le Festif!
Radio Radio | Le Festif!
The Planet Smashers | Le Festif!
NOMAD Sessions - Patrick Watson
Reel Big Fish | Le Festif!
Final du Festif!
Organ Mood - 08 - Modulor
Jesse Mac Cormack | NXNE
NOMAD Sessions 25/5/13 Kim Churchill
K.Flay | NXNE
Folly and the Hunter - 01 - Awake
Young Paris | Canadian Music Week 2015
Kandle | NOMAD Sessions
Brave Shores | Canadian Music Week 2015
The Franklin Electric | Canadian Music Week 2015
Caveboy | Canadian Music Week 2015
Elliot Maginot | Tora | Canadian Music Week 2015
Our Friend & The Spiders - 08
Hein Cooper | Foreign Diplomats | Canadian Music Week 2015
The Bators | Festival Anachronik
Seb Black | NOMAD Nation
Eddie Paul | Nomad Nation
Made Them Lions @ NOMAD Nation

When I’m filming I try to remain in movement. This initially came from avoiding shaking the camera, but in time it became a sort of dance with the universe. When I’m filming musicians, it’s best if I don’t know the music. I have to rely on my intuition to capture the musical number in a single shot, editing with every movement, zoom, focus pull. I enter a true trance that often renders scarily precise visual choreography, as if every moment was planned, led by the magic of music, and the wonder of dance.