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National Canadian Film Day
National Canadian Film Day recap
NCFD - Sue Biely & Liz Shorten
Annelise Larson - 4/20 for NCFD
NCFD - Mina Shum
Sue Biely in Vancouver for NCFD
Alan Collins for NCFD
Allison White in Newfoundland for NCFD
NCFD - Annelise Larson on Identity
NCFD - Sue Biely & John Dippong - Telefilm, Vancouver
Norm Wilner for NCFD
NCFD - Sue Biely & Jackson Davies - Vancouver
Ari Wise for NCFD
NCFD - Elisabeth Yake
NCFD - Dennis Heaton brings Fido home
NCFD - Dan Solowoski - Yukon
NCFD - Annelise Larson - Canadian impact
NOMAD Canadian Film Day intro

April 20, 2016 is National Canadian Film Day, a day to throw off the shackles of fear and insecurity, stand together with Canadians from coast to coast and pat ourselves on the back for something other than various ice-related sports and sports-related doughnut shops. (Not that we don’t love ice-related sports and doughnuts). It’s a light-hearted intervention for our national consciousness, a wake-up call to anyone who has not yet been exposed to the great cinematic stories we tell one another in this cold, vast country.