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The NOMADS of OZ - feature film teaser
The NOMADS of OZ - feature film
The NOMADS of OZ - Trailer
The Emerald City - Coyote Bill @ NOMAD Nation
WOOZ - Hyatt - 1hr VJ set
The NOMADS of Oz intro

Bring the kids this Friday 7pm for our yearly Halloween screening of The Wizard of Oz NOMAD remix.
Wear your costumes. Enjoy free food and drink.
Come, young and old, to NOMAD Nation (129 Van Horne) or tune in to

In the fall of 2011, over Halloween weekend, we shot a full feature remake of The Wizard of Oz. The idea came to me from showing classic films to my first daughter, Jane. I was reminded of how, when I was her age, I didn’t know the difference between reality and fiction. To me, a film didn’t need to be made, it was a world that existed beyond the screen. This idea influenced my life so much so that I became a filmmaker, bringing movies to life, and turning my life into movies. Watching Jane get so connected to the story of the Wizard of Oz, a story that is very much about the power of imagination, and the thin line between life and fiction, I turned to my own world and noticed that my dream of having a production studio, with all of the toys and talent that come with it, had actually come true. NOMAD Nation is such a place, with the means and resources to turn any story into something real. That is why we remade Jane’s favorite film, because we could.

Winner 2013 Best Experimental Feature | Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Winner 2013 Canada International Film Festival ROYAL REEL AWARD