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NOMAD @nomadlivetvEn Masse | Google drink & draw @ NOMAD Nation @ Nomad Live day ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvon "I hope that we call learn that the true definition of freedom is accepting… days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvRod Smith of Bridge Street Books, Washington D.C. #FREEDOM: via @YouTube2 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvEnd of an epic Xmas party @ Nomad Live days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvI added a video to a @YouTube playlist Buck Downs in Washington, D.C. #FREEDOM3 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvBuck Downs in Washington, D.C. #FREEDOM: via @YouTube3 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetv"You're condemned to be free. You're always making a choice. If you're pretending you're not… days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvI added a video to a @YouTube playlist Robert L. Beckman in Washingto D.C #FREEDOM4 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvRobert L. Beckman in Washingto D.C: via @YouTube4 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvon "My definition of freedom is coming to a place where I'm ok with the… days ago


Experiential journalist, creative entrepreneur, and trans-media filmmaker, Jason Rodi‘s dreams have taken him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet. He is the founder of Moment Factory and has been working under the name NOMAD since 2008.

NOMAD broadcasts original videos every day on NOMADlifeTV, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, all of it live from our creative studios by the train tracks of the Montreal Mile End.

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The NOMAD Freedom project

NOMAD Freedom Project
The FREEDOM Project documents a journey around the United States to interview Americans of all walks of life, political views and religious beliefs, about the definition of freedom. Exploring the common values uniting a divided people, the Freedom Project is an inspiring ode to the American dream in a time when it is most needed. From Mount Rushmore to the Liberty Bell, Burning Man to Washington D.C., the documentary series is a picturesque look toward the future of America.

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