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24/7 Montreal livecast.

NOMAD is a 24/7 livecast. Join by sending us your facetime/skype/hangout info or any video link you would like to share.

NOMADWatch Jane McGonigal at #C2MTL on gender dynamics within the #gaming industry > http://t.co/mpHnuA9fwO http://t.co/pNgecVoIYB15 hours ago
NOMADRT @Alibbaba: Really nice interview with #marthacooper during @MURAL by @nomadlivetv http://t.co/CqBmb7qBV34 days ago
PlateauMT @nomadlivetv: @MURALfestival, une vision: réinventer les foires commerciales @CastanheiraG http://t.co/gj7M1QS1Lx http://t.co/NVB8XOiAgs5 days ago

NOMAD connects to the heart of Montreal’s cultural, sporting, and community events.

Immersed, we tell the story from the perspective of the leaders, athletes, and artists living the story of our great city, live.