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24/7 Montreal livecast.

NOMAD is a 24/7 livecast. Join by sending us your facetime/skype/hangout info or any video link you would like to share.

NOMADRT @TRIBU_exp: Finished the new patio at the office :) @nomadlivetv #workhard @DEWALTtough BBQ Sept 10th @BigGreenEgg http://t.co/G8CooQtN…3 days ago
NOMADYEAH! Thank you @TRIBU_exp! Excited to come back home to see this <3 https://t.co/M6YoWtXrVn3 days ago
TRIBU ExpérientielFinished the new patio at the office :) @nomadlivetv #workhard @DEWALTtough BBQ Sept 10th @BigGreenEgg http://t.co/G8CooQtNvl3 days ago
NOMADOur new playground: Colorado ☀️🐎🗽🇺🇸 #chasingthesun #burningman #freedom #libertystatue #usa #Coloradohttps://t.co/BTNcYqbdzZ4 days ago
NOMAD"We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to… https://t.co/MjIbi3i3gA6 days ago
NOMADBeautiful and strongly evocative nature inviting us for a naked swim. Shall we? #nature #sensualhttps://t.co/SisWpzShcK6 days ago

NOMAD connects to the heart of Montreal’s cultural, sporting, and community events.

Immersed, we tell the story from the perspective of the leaders, athletes, and artists living the story of our great city, live.