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NOMAD @nomadlivetvDoctor FireTuba conducting The Playa Pop Symphonic Orchestra at Center Camp @burningman @… day ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvLast day of the trip in style at the @icedteadamon @ The NoMad Hotel, New York days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvGotta love the love limmelr's photo thank you DC!6 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvFernando Del Sol: via @YouTube6 days ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvWayne's Family dinner stop for fried chicken #NOMADlife #Freedom @ Wayne's Family Diner week ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvStLouis: via @YouTube1 week ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvJed Montana: via @YouTube1 week ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvFreedom is not free. #NOMADlife #freedom #America #route66 @ Route 66, Arizona weeks ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvNOMAD mobile contemplating early retirement in Williams, AZ. @ Williams, Arizona weeks ago
NOMAD @nomadlivetvThe NOMAD mobile on #route66 #freedom #NOMADlife @subaru_canada @subaru_usa @ Cruiser's Route 66… weeks ago


NOMAD Live documentary is the brainchild of Moment Factory founder, Jason Rodi. A family man, explorer, and trans-media filmmaker, his dreams have taken him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet. On his quest for truth, beauty, and freedom, he has interviewed hundreds of artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs on
NOMAD is a broadcasting platform and creative studio, chasing dreams in real time.

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NOMAD Freedom Project

Every day until the November election, follow NOMAD around the U.S. to ask people about a fundamental and most universal American value: FREEDOM.

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