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Past Live Future Infos
VHV 01 - opening
VHV 02 - Wedding Interuption Sketch
A Night of Comedy @ NOMAD Nation 1/4
VHV 03 - Relationships Powerpoint
A Night of Comedy @ NOMAD Nation 2/4
VHV 04 - Dentist Parade + Jonas
VHV 05 - Vaseline & Pepper
A Night of Comedy @ NOMAD Nation 3/4
VHV 06 - Love + Blabco + Emery Fine
VHV 07 - James Watts
VHV 08 - Fatty & The Mates
VHV 09 - RagaPop
VHV 10 - Kevin Shustack
VHV 11 - BLABCO & The Boy sketch
A Night of Comedy @ NOMAD Nation 4/4
Van Horne Variety Show LIVE
VHV 12 - Troy Stark

From the people who brought you A NIGHT OF COMEDY comes a brand new night of live streamed debauchery/entertainment – VAN HORNE VARIETY. That’s right – it’s a variety show taking place at the LEGENDARY NOMAD NATION. Not just comedy, not just music, but, like, a bunch of stuff by people you’ve long liked/admired/hate creeped on Facebook/lusted after/just wished you could have a conversation without leaving and being like “omg, I’m suuuuuch an idiot. who even says that?!”
All those people, plus some dashing new faces will be there performing mind blowing odds n ends for your viewing pleasure.