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Coach Kenzow for ArtJam by Good Vibe People at NOMAD Nation
The Jem at NOMAD Nation for ArtJam by Good Vibe People
Mäze at ArtJam live from NOMAD Nation
The Jem at Art Jam live from NOMAD Nation
Roll Train at NOMAD Nation - Boost & Freeze
Hoozbah at NOMAD Live for ArtJam by Good Vibe People
Tina Ford at NOMAD Live for ArtJam by Good Vibe People
The Ashtrays
Laura Moneta - Beauté Hotwheels - 'I woke up like this' Make up tutorial
ArtJam Vol.12 @ NOMAD Nation
Laura Moneta - Beauté Hotwheels - make up tutorial
NOMAD xmas - web
National Canadian Film Day recap
#Crea 2016
ManjRiDanz - live making-of
Art Jam live - The Alibi
Emma's 3rd Birthday at NOMAD
Robert Lepage hommage à Daniel Langlois live de l'Usine C pour la soirée bénéfice Québec Cinéma
VHV 12 - Troy Stark
Vanessa Alvarado
VHV 12 - Troy Stark
VHV 10 - Kevin Shustack
VHV 09 - RagaPop
NOMAD backstage du Gala @ REGARD 20
Thanos & Arva's Bday Bash
Paul & Julien Hurteau NOMAD Live interview
Montréal en Lumières | .j.intro
Canot Sur Glace vu par Antoine Leger
Chills & Mingles | Jon Jon for Floor Kids on
Chills & Mingles | Nzenga Edjidjimo
Chills & Mingles | J.O the corrupted 1
Will Niava, 5000th Facebook follower
VHV 04 - Dentist Parade + Jonas
Live avec Nadine Samuel @Art Battle 345
Beautys New Years Eve resolutions
Michael Venus on Never Apart @ NOMAD Nation + 2am/fm set
Empire City Troopers NOMAD webcast
Knafo - Change to Last launch @ NOMAD Nation
Lolë White Tour 360
Ambition Snowskate SAVA premiere
VHV 01 - opening
EXIT @ NOMAD Nation | MyStream_10
NOMAD app - prototype story
MMA Victory 8
Mark Morgenstern talk on
11:11pm 18 Février 2015 - Kim Churchill - Single Spark live at Club Soda
Montreal Pride 2014 on
2014 Montreal Weekend To End Women's Cancer | 10th anniversary
MURAL 2014

NOMAD Nation is a 10000 square foot building by the tracks of the MTL Mile End. As a member you have 24/7 access, but you can also rent part of the studio for shoots or events. What makes NOMAD special is not only the creative community surrounding it, but also the live streaming, video and event production services we provide devotedly. Musicians, photographers, filmmakers, event promoters and artists appreciate the flexibility and freedom of the NOMAD way. We have all you need to turn concept into reality, live!

NOMAD has been live since 2014. This has meant all sorts of experimentation with different forms of live streaming and new storytelling techniques. In those initial two years, live streaming evolved immensely and we were proud to find ourselves at the forefront of those developments. With the advent of Facebook Live, we are applying our methodologies to reach a much wider audience than ever before.