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2am/fm | Never Apart @ NOMADNATION
Michael Venus on Never Apart @ NOMAD Nation + 2am/fm set

According to Never Apart, 2AMFM, the Ann Arbor-based duo of Tadd Mullinix (aka Charles Manier, James T. Cotton, JTC, etc.) and D’Marc Cantu, represents the pinnacle of post-2000s acid music. Their raw, driving formula found an early home in 2005 on Spectral Sound, a label who at the time were fostering the early careers of house and techno artists the likes of Matthew Dear/Audion and Jamal Moss/Hieroglyphic Being. 2AMFM have since released records on some of the most sought after underground labels, such as Nation and Creme Organization.

2AMFM are no pastiche. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves in creating an extension of the acid house movement built by the pioneers of the ‘80s and ‘90s through forging a sound that balances tribal, pulsating drum workouts with cavernous, gleaming synths. We are very pleased to host the second date on their WORLD live debut weekend.