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PanAm & Parapan Toronto
Journey of Courage | Toronto ParaPan Am Games 2015
Promises Delivered | Toronto Pan American Games 2015
Pitbull @ Closing Ceremony of the Pan Am Games | Toronto 2015
Kanye West @ Closing Ceremony of the Pan Am Games | Toronto 2015
Highlights | ParaPan Games Toronto 2015
Thank You Toronto | Pan American Games 2015
TO TV (1)
TO TV (2)
TO TV (3)
TO TV (4)

In 2015, Toronto was proud host to the Pan Am and ParaPan Games and NOMAD was there to tell the story. We were hired by 4U2C to produce media for the opening and closing ceremonies’ stage and CBC TV broadcast. While we had seasoned NOMADS like Parafilms & Okkur on the field to capture the games and render inspiring recaps and videos boasting the great city of Toronto, the film that still resonates the most is Journey of Courage, the story of Canadian veterans Sgt. Steve Daniel and Dominic Larocque. This film played on the final leg of the Parapan Am torch relay as the soldiers carried the flame into the stadium. It was like these athletes’ lives, all of their hardships and achievements had led them to this moment. I find it such a privilege to meet such inspiring people, people that have made life choices so different than mine, but with whom I am given a special access, allowed to reach for their essence, to expose their courage for all to see.

Producer, Director, Script, Camera: Jason Rodi
Coordination: Joey Cournoyer & Alexandra Idiart Benavides
Camera, Edit, Sound, Grading: Okkur
Camera: Parafilms