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Inverugie Golf, Georgeville, Quebec - The McTavish Family Movie
Viaduc 375 - Alice Niangu Miquet de Mémoire du Mile End
Viaduc 375 - Yves Desjardins de Mémoire du Mile End
Grand Canyon condor
Mike Gampieris | Garage Avenue du Parc Shell coin Van Horne
Laura Channel, farmer in Compton, Qc
Nils Fluck in Nosara
Kim Churchill - Window To The Sky | music video
Recap Plaza St-Hubert
Carley Montgomery in Nosara, Costa Rica
Défilé de la Saint-Jean à Montréal
Phelps Helps
Color Me Rad
Oui Surf | Ambassadeur Telus
Connecting Antennas Along the Tracks of Time | NOMAD
Sky & Sand
Black Rock City
Burning Man
Last Antenna
Burning Road
Rosie Valland | Le Festif!
NOMAD Reel (music by Caribou)
NOMAD Festival Montgolfières Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Eurêka! NOMAD - Festival des Mongolfières
Festival de Montgolfieres
NOMAD Weekend de Camping Urbain FARNHAM Ale & Lager
Summer in a Day | NOMAD Live Montreal 2014
Tourisme Quebec - The Wheel
Serge Bouchard - L'histoire de l'exploration humaine
Heidi Norling is NOMAD
Le Grand Depart
BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth - Preview
Life : Costa Rica 2012 - Arrival
Life | Costa Rica 02 - Sun
Life | Costa Rica 03 - Beach
Jane's 1st Horseback Ride
Jane's 2nd Horseback Ride
J+crew - Waves of Nosara
And It Fought To Escape - Great White Dies in False Bay
Grand Manan Island - 02 - Hymn
Grand Manan Island - 01 - My Heart's Reflection
Jane - Year 3 - Circles
To Build A Home by Jason Rodi in Calabria, Italy
Grape Man, Calabria, Italy
The Yangtze River by Jason Rodi

Traveling is when I am most aware of the world around me. To look at the world as in a state of travel is The Way of the NOMAD. I don’t always need to be away from home to be traveling, and this mindset is what these videos are about.