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Voices of Freedom – documentary series
Voices of Freedom - 30min demo
Brian Fournier #FREEDOM
Bradley Magee - Portland, Maine
Innes & Chris Jettinghoff in Portland, Maine
Trevor Dostie - Portland, Maine
Addie Vasileva & Christian Reisch - Georgetown, Kentucky
What is Freedom, Mount Rushmore
Ann Marie - Montana
Robertson Davis - Montana
Jed - Montana
Eric Funk - Montana
Kip - Montana
Fernando Del Sol
Woman at Burning Man
Arkin Allen - Burning Man
Carlito Dalceggio - Burning Man
Manech Ibar - Burning Man
Santino Rice at Burning Man - Voices of Freedom
Burning of the Man
Bill Bowen - Roseville California
Dan Chrystal - Roseville California
Kal Spelletich, artist in San Francisco
Dan Wideman - Thousand Oaks Ca
Los Angeles | Kendra Gail + Douglas Messerli #FREEDOM
Las Vegas #FREEDOM
Jake & Justin Garcia of 3hirty 3hiurd - Los Angeles
Melanie Debo in Williams, AZ
Jason Rodi - Grand Canyon #FREEDOM
Topic in Dallas, Texas
Karlo Ramos in Dallas
Cameron McCloud of Cure For Paranoia in Deep Ellum, Dallas
Alexander Greatness in New Orleans
Kim & Deidra Williams in New Orleans
David YupIsaidit Johnson in New Orleans
Liam Jurenka in New Orleans
Lauren Stroh in New Orleans
Jimmy Ross - New Orleans
Linden Keal - New Orleans
Maureen in New Orleans
Daniel Ross in Orlando, Florida
Cole NeSmith in Orlando, Florida
Lieutenant Painter - Savannah Georgia
Jennifer Kingman - New Bern
Bethany Richards - New Bern, NC
Paul Kingman - New Bern
Rob Beckman - Washington DC
Buck Downs - Washington DC

VOICES OF FREEDOM – Jason Rodi, Director
Feature documentary + 99 webisodes
A road trip around the United States to interview Americans about a fundamental and most universal human value: freedom

‘What is your definition of freedom?’

Voices of Freedom documents a French Canadian’s journey around the United States to interview 99 Americans of all walks of life, political views and religious beliefs, about the definition of freedom. Exploring the common values uniting a divided people, the story takes the filmmaker across the full spectrum of the American identity; from fear to freedom.

From Mount Rushmore to the Liberty Bell, Burning Man to Washington, we discover what hides behind these American faces. The stories unfolded in each episode reveal personal struggles, aspirations, courage and hope, all openly told by the vast voices of America’s landscape. A pure road movie taking an honest and picturesque look toward the future of the United States, Voices of Freedom is an inspiring ode to the American dream in a time when it is most needed.